What's in my head (First Entry)

First Entry - Since making the decision to climb Denali, I have been filled with many emotions.  Anxiety, self doubt, excitement, guilt, and concern to name a few.  The time away from work or looking for work is a big one.  Concern that it will be 6-months between visits to see my parents.  Guilt about spending tremendous amounts of money.  Doubt I will have the stamina and strength to keep up with younger climbers.  Worry I might get injured or worse.  Concern about handling the extreme cold temperatures and seemingly endless days and nights in a small 2-man tent.

I have vivid memories of climbing Aconcagua in South America and being cocooned in a sleeping bag (with my tent mate snoring beside me), freezing, unable to get a full breath, with snot running down my throat, completely exhausted yet unable to sleep, wondering if I might not even wake up if I did ever fall asleep.  But of course I do get to sleep at least for a short duration. Interrupted by the need to pee some of the 4-5 liters of fluid I took in that day - in a bottle because it is too bloody cold to leave the tent!  

Why am I doing this again?

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