A Few Final Thoughts

I am back from Denali a couple weeks now and have a few final thoughts.

1.  One of my daughters asked me if I had any regrets (not summiting, frostbitten hands, expense, etc). Upon reflection I told her no. In fact, I have no regrets about any decisions I've made in life. And I suggested to her that she not live her life with regrets. If we do our research, prepare as best we can for the task at hand, think through our options before making reasonable decisions, and give 100% effort, why should any of us have regrets.

2.  While on the hill I listen to a book entitled "Delivering Happiness". It was written by the cofounder of Zappos. One of the major takeaways from the book was life is too short not to enjoy what you do for a living. In order to be happy, most of us need to build or create something to feel satisfaction and fulfillment.  That is especially true in my life.  So I am going to double my efforts to build something.

3.  I am not going to climb anything of substance where weather plays any significant role.  I am done with the cold.  I could probably say due to my frostbite I am under doctor's orders not to get them cold again.  I may still look for a physical challenge each year, but I peaked on Aconcagua and learned a lesson on Denali.

4.  The dead skin has mostly peeled off the digits of my right hand.  The skin below is a little pink.  But all my finger tips on both hands are still buzzy and it is painful to use them.  I think over time this will go back to normal.  Right now it is annoying as hell.

5.  My whole life has been an adventure.  I am an explorer.  It is my nature.

These three were the worst.


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