Ready to Fly

Saturday, May 13, 2017.  The pic below shows all of our gear and food in a hanger ready for loading into planes. We will fly tomorrow morning from Talkeetna at 300' above sea level to 7,000' where we will be dropped off on the glacier to begin our accent. Unfortunately, it is pouring rain now so tomorrow should be interesting.  Lower right are all the sleds (stacked) that each of us will have lashed to our packs. Those will carry duffel bags and group gear and food. We'll use those along with our backpacks to transport everything we need for a ~23 day stay on the mountain. I hope it's less.
Note the case of PBR beer in left of frame. That will be stashed at base camp for the return celebration.  Suggest you zoom in on pic and take good look at what all is going up the hill. It includes shovels, ice saws, wands, pickets, rope, human waste receptacles, 5 tents and so much more.


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